If you are looking to buy Railway Sleepers in the Sussex and London region then look no further, we stock Grade 'A' Reclaimed Railway Sleepers, New Treated Softwood Railway Sleepers and New Untreated Oak Railway Sleepers.

Used Sleepers   Softwood Sleepers
Reclaimed / Used Railway Sleepers

We offer the 'best' of the Reclaimed / Used Sleeper family. Our stock is purely 'Grade A' which means that whilst they do have imperfections they are generally straighter and carry less defects than the lower Grade B and C. These Sleepers are creosote treated so care needs to be taken when handling, gloves advisable.

Our stock size here is 250mm x 150mm x 2.6m but please note that sizes may vary.

New Softwood Treated Railway Sleepers

Sawn pressure treated (Green or Brown) Softwood. These Softwood Sleepers are ideal, nice and square, easy to handle and work with.

Our stock size here is 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m

New Untreated Oak Railway Sleepers

Fresh sawn Green Oak which requires no further treatment. These Sleepers are ideal for the more 'rustic' look and will weather to a beautiful silver / grey colour over time.

Our stock size here is 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m

Together with above we also stock a range of Carpenters Mate and Timberlok fixings which are ideal for fixing Railway Sleepers.

Railway Sleeper Uses

Popular uses of Railway Sleepers are:-

- Raised Borders / Vegetable Garden Beds
- Retaining Walls
- Edging
- Steps

Note - Reclaimed / Used Sleepers are not suitable for Raised Borders / Vegetable beds or in cases where there may be frequent skin contact.

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Should you require any help in choosing which Railway Sleepers are most suitable for your project then please contact our Sales Team on 01342 822191.